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At Big Mountain Coffee we offer a line of specialty grade single origin and blended organic coffee beans sure to please a wide range of coffee drinkers. Our decaffeinated and half caffeinated coffees provide the opportunity to enjoy great coffee at any time of the day. Take our fresh roasted gourmet coffee home with you or have it delivered via U.S. Postal Service today! Custom roasts or special blends available upon request just e-mail or call Big Mountain.
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The Grizz :

Designed especially for milk drinks. As straight espresso medium-bodied, crisp, toasty, with dark chocolate and rich, low-key fruit. In milk, sweetens and deepens with lush milk chocolate and caramel tones and muted but balancing undercurrents of tartly rich fruit.


Sasquatch :

Very similar to the Big Mountain Espresso Blend, but a bit heavier bodied and fruitier, with more chocolate and less spice. It is designed for total versatility: elegant as a straight shot but sturdy and robust enough to carry its weight in large amounts of dairy.


Newport Jazz Blend :

This blend adds up to a rich brew of maximum intensity and fullness and reveals a clean, round, yet quite sweet flavor with a balancing dash of acidy brightness. This medium to medium-full body coffee provides a delicious chocolate-toned finish.


Surfin' Safari Blend :

A cosmopolitan blend that combines coffees from Latin America, the Pacific, and east Africa. Fruit and chocolate-toned aromatics shimmer over robust, slightly earthy bottom tones. Edgy yet elegant.


Brazil Cerrado Vintage :

This coffee delights the senses with the taste of ripe, chocolate-toned fruit without a hint of sharpness or acidity. Moderate aging further rounds its flavor while developing body that is deep, creamy and full.


Coastal Black Bear :

A classic single origin offering. Rich and full bodied with a smooth yet bold flavor. Brews a finely balanced cup of drip coffee that will please a broad spectrum of coffee lovers.


Costa Rica :

A soaring lightness and lovely balance of sweet and dry tones distinguishes this Costa Rican coffee. This is the coffee equivalent of a fine Beaujolais, with its dry, bright tones and delicate sweetness. Its clean, crisp character will please coffee lovers.


Sumatra Gayo Mountain :

Traditional Sumatra coffees achieve their famously deep, malty richness through an idiosyncratic processing method, in which the flesh of the coffee fruit is only partly removed from the beans before they are spread to dry. A fine, elegant version of the traditional Sumatra profile: rich, low-toned, and resonantly complex.


Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coastal Black Bear :

The trademark "Swiss Water Process" removes caffeine from coffee without the use of solvents or chemicals. The coffee is characterized by delicate sweetness, gentle acidity and round flavor.


1/2 Caff Coastal Black Bear :

We take our swiss water process decaffeinated Coastal Black Bear and we mix it with our regular Coastal Black Bear and then roast them together for a full body coffee with only half the caffeine. By roasting them together, the blend takes on the taste of our regular Coastal Black Bear so its a great way to cut back on the caffeine without giving up any of the taste.


Dessert Coffees

Take a Sip and Believe in the Magic!

Delight your senses with our Dessert Coffee Line and treat yourself to indulgence in a cup. We have enhanced our Coastal Black Bear Beans with four distinctive all natural flavors. This is a coffee to be enjoyed anytime of the year with family and friends.

Yust Go Nuts :

If You Love Hazelnuts - You'll go Nuts for this one


Papa's Sugar Cookie :

Simply Scrumptious - Taste the Vanilla in Papa's Favorite Sugar Cookie


Snuggle Up :

Warm-Up with this Wintery Mix - A hint of Peppermint and Chocolate


Oh So Nutty and Nice :

Pralines and Crème - The Comfort of Home in this Southern Favorite


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