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We small batch roast “grade 1 select organic beans” one pound at a time. Because of their unique microprocessor controlled roasting cycle, green coffee beans are transformed into a freshly roasted high quality product in less than twenty minutes.

We provide visual theater and let our customers know that we truly care about the coffee we serve.  Customers can see the coffee transformed from green to roasted right before their eyes.

We educate our customers about coffee, about where and how it is grown, harvested, processed, and make the amazing journey from a small, family farm to their cup.

We offer customers an unparalleled cup of coffee while at the same time allowing us control over the product we are roasting and serving.

We believe in “Community Spirit” and have partnered with Pacific Sourdough, a small artisan bakery, to compliment our daily baked goods.

We’ll meet your particular taste preferences, whether it is a finely crafted cup of a distinctive single orgin coffee or a cappuccino composed with a perfectly extracted shot of bittersweet espresso balanced with just the right proportion of milk. 

"Big Mountain Coffee of Depoe Bay developed the inn's
house blend which keeps them coming back for more."
Northwest Travel — January | February 2006

"Or while admiring the cove below Big Mountain Coffee over
a perfect cafe' latte made from roasted-on-site beans."

Coastal Living — May 2006

Big Mountain Coffee Company | p: 541.764.2195 | e: bigmountaincoffeeroasters@gmail.com
PO Box 703, Toledo, Oregon 97391 | 3930 Hwy 101, Lincoln Beach, Oregon 97341